Tango Bliss 2024

The Curacao Tango Experience

Tango event of the year in Curacao

the Southern Caribbean    

September 2-7 2024


The aftermath of the NorthSeaJazzFestival 2024 will be a tango delight for Tango Lovers


On full week of milongas, classes, the most exquisit beaches, local delicateses, music, sailing, nightlife

.. all what to expect of a Tango week on DUSHI Curacao 


Be informed of our fabulous packages including the NorthSeaJazzFestival2024, Accomodations,

Milongas, Classes, and all the Tango Bliss 2024 amenities.


Stay at the bohemian Bario Hotel and more in the Historical Otrabanda - Willemstad


Mail to info@magiaditango.com or whatsapp +59995217681

and stay tuned for more info soon.


Come and enjoy Jazz and Tango in September 2024.


Milongas at openair island locations


Classes, Workshops, Lectures and Tango Fun


Tours, Sailing, BBQ, Nightlife, food and secrets of the Island, Curacao