The secret twist of Tango in Curacao

Petit Tango Fest Curacao 2018

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Special for groups, colleges and business associates


Tango Gala Dinner Show

"Intenso Pasion y Magia"




Special Guest


Mauricio Castro

Workshop Musicality



Petit Tango Fest Curacao 2018



June 1st


16:30   Tango Lecture

at National Library Curacao

20:00 Tango Bizarro

at Mundo Bizarro Restaurant






Friday June 1st, 


Petit Tango Bizarro 


at Mundo Bizaro Restaurant 


June 2nd


10:00  Tango Workshop Starters

at Kura di Arte Curacao

13:00  Tango Workshop Dancers 

at Kura di Arte Curacao

17:00  Milonga at the beach

at Avila Beach Hotel 

20:00  Tango Gala Dinner Show

at Avila Beach Hotel 



June 3rd


10:30  Workshop Tango Musicality

at Kura di Arte Curacao

16:00  Open Air Tango  

at Brionplein Otrabanda



 Sundays, June 3rd,


Open air Tango





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