Tango Encuentro Curacao  2021   

November 30 - December 2 



Open Air Tango at Brionplein Willemstad   

Sun 3pm



New Tango Classes  Blue Bay Resort

           Wed.  7pm


Private Tango Classes  upon request

+5999 5217681



Magia di Tango performance at Isabella Tango Fest Puerto Rico 2017

Magia di Tango at Open Air Tango at Brionplein, Willemstad Curacao





Magia di Tango at the City Festival in Curacao Kaya Kaya 2019


Magia di Tango at Plenchi Brenchi, Oranjestad Aruba 2017





Magia di Tango performance at Renaissance Aruba 2017


Magia di Tango in de streets of Curacao capital Willlemstad with Irina Shabalina




Magia di Tango at the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba 2016


Magia di Tango in experiment cross cultural typical folcloric Danza on strings musicbox "Kaha di Orgel"  on the main open square Brion plein Willemstad Curacao.

Get closer to the art of togetherness 


Welcome to new Tango Classes



Enjoy the art of Tango.

Now, in the new normal

Magia di Tango Curacao

welcomes you to discover

the magic of Tango


The art of sharing the inner self for two


We adapt to the post Covid19

always leading to the essence



New Tango classes



New Tango classes for couples and tangolovers in Curacao 


Soon , as soon we can dance again outside, we'll start agian with new Tango Classes


Practice your tango weekly 


Tuesdays at Mundo Bizarro Restaurant at 8:00 -10:00 pm


Saturdays 8:00 - 8:15 pm prior to Bario Bohemio event at Bario Hotel in Otrabanda.

Sundays  16:00 - 17:30pm at BrionPlein Otrabanda.


Tango Pasta

Every two month, join the most pleasant encounter of tanguerros on Curacao at Tango Pasta.

Location every new edition.


To be announced.

Yearly Tango Fest Curacao 

Next 2021

Tango retraite November 2020.