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    Allan A. Chatlein (Sunday, 21 April 2019 17:56)

    Great iniciative! Tango used to be popular in the 30's through 40's in Curaçao.
    This spurred by the popularity of "El Morocho del Abasto", Carlos Gardél.
    Hopefully Curaçao may get the attention of Tangueros worldwide thru this effort, arousing their curiosity in such a way, that they would be tempted to visit our lovely islang. Curaçao: Tango Island of the Caribbean!!

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    Rafa Oliana (Friday, 19 April 2019 11:16)

    Tango Bizarro at Mundo Bizarro Restaurant - Pietermaai Willemstad
    Tuesday's 20:00

    Tango display by Mady&Rafa and milonga for all tango lover.

    Mundo Bizarro the coziest Ydilc location ün poco loco"

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    Rafa Oliana (Friday, 19 April 2019 09:22)

    Tango Classes for dancers
    Monday's 20:00 pm Havenstraat 23
    NAfl 25 pp. Nafl 100 Monthly

    Practical training about balance, eneregy, interaction, musicality and variations
    a pplied in Tango dance. Dance Beautifuly and selfassured.
    Teacher: Rafa Oliana

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    Rafa Oliana (Friday, 19 April 2019 09:12)

    Open Air Tango
    Sunday's 15:00
    at Brionplein Willemstad Curacao

    Open and free to all Tango lovers.

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    Evie (Sunday, 25 March 2018 15:11)

    Vorig jaar heb ik “beginners” prive lessen van Rafa gehad! Je voelt je snel op je gemak, hij is duidelijk heeft geduld en heb genoten van zijn “toetjes”!! Dit betekende dat hij op het eind van de les een verrassende ingewikkelde pas deed en voor je het wist zat je op zn been of deed je een pas die je van jezelf niet verwachtte. En dat was zijn goede “leiderrol” die hij fantastisch beheerst!! De tango zit in zn hart.......

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    Senta (Saturday, 20 January 2018 16:52)

    A holiday dinner at Mundo Bizarro, Curaçao, watching these two beautiful people dance Tango, like powerful birds, but that was not even the best part. Me and my friend Marcella got invited to a tango dancing workshop. Eventhough we didn't have shoes, we were invited to dance in socks. Never tought dancing in socks could be so much fun! Lovely people with fantastic skills, both in dancing and teaching. An evening that will never be forgotten. Thank you both so much, it made our holiday! Xxx

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    Esther Jacobs (Thursday, 28 December 2017 13:00)

    I learned to dance tango in Buenos Aires about two years ago. Now, whenever I travel I carry my dance shoes and I look for fellow tango-addicts. I found one in Rafa. He is a great dancer and teacher, and his passion for the dance and music is addictive. He even made me dance to breakdance music (watch the video: and I loved it! Whether you are a beginner or already have some dance experience, Rafa can teach you: not only steps, but the tango lifestyle!

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    Andy (Tuesday, 12 December 2017 11:51)

    Rafa is a fantastic artist and instructor! After seeing him dance at Mundo Bizzaro, my fiancee and I booked a private Tango lesson with Rafa. We learned much more than just the right steps... the passion, the art, the elegance. His love of Tango is evident through his performance and instruction. I highly recommend taking lessons with Rafa!

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    Irina (Monday, 14 August 2017 13:46)

    My favorite tango couple and the best friends in Curacao, dushi Rafa&Mady!
    They are highly recommended dancers for your event!

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    Edyta (Tuesday, 08 August 2017 18:54)

    I contacted Rafa after seeing him and Mady dancing in Mundo Bizarro. They took my breath away with their charming and passionate moves on the dance floor.
    I took 3 private classes with Rafa and was impressed with his skills, approach as teacher and knowledge about tango. He was very patient and encouraged me to break my fears. After first lesson I could dance basic steps!!!! I couldn’t believe! I have always considered myself as born with “two left feet” and now I dance tango!
    Thank you Rafa for introducing me to tango, you are an amazing, enthusiastic teacher and dancer, I regret my vacation is over otherwise I would extend my classes. I wish you and Mady all the best!