Tango Classes




Private Class  Nafl 40 pp p session


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Tango with your group


Do you want to do a totaly different event with your group of collegues, friends or loved ones. Try a Tango workshop. 

Magia di Tango offers entertaining workshop for your team .

Fun, practical or to skill-up dancing skills.


Sessions of 2 or 3 hours.     

Total of max 26 person per hour.

Two classes simultaneous classes posible.

Up to 10 person U$ 250,- two hours

Extra hour U$ 150,-

Up to 26 person U$ 500,- two hours

Extra hour U$225,-


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Weekly Tango Classes - Group 

 Naf 25, pp       NAf100  Monthly

Saturday 10 am   All

Monday       Dancers level

Thursday     Starters level


Learn on a structural way 

concept, training and sophistication

Tango, Milonga and application of movement. 


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Teambuilding sessìons

Special sessions of three hours

Interpersonal Communication and interaction sessions.


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