Tango Classes

Discover the ellegance and passion inside


Tango is pleasant and upbuillding, Learn the skills of interaction and communication. Elegance and artful to enjoy, a special dance for two.


Tango is personal


The art of Tango goes beyond mere steps and moves. It envolves and evolves in the dynamics of the whole being. Being togehter envolves sharing the moment. At Magia di Tango - Tango school, you will discover tango inside. Learn to compose your own expresive tango experience


As a lenguage of dance, a mean to communicate and to experience the moments you will learn about the pauses (comma), suggestions and gestures (semicolomns and collumns) etc.. it's endles.


Each aspect mastered allows an own expression of elegance of your new passion. 


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Tango Classes

1, 5 or 10 Classes of Tango



1 class U$ 35,-

6 Classes U$ 175,- (inclusive 1 bonus)

11 Classes U$ 350,- (inclusive 1 bonus)

Booking upon appointment



1 Class U$ 15,-

11 Classes U$ 150,- (inclusive 1 bonus)

Saturday 9:30 am - 10:30 am


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