PersonaPersona is a coaching service

that targets three different social environment:


Professional and groups environment

Personal development

Educational environment


The empowering, tool-up and gear-up 

of the individual or group

will result in a up-scaled human efficiency.


Bennefits are:

- empowered persons by the best of own qualities and skills, 

- self-allowed traveler inside (proactiveness)

- tool-up the self learner (autodidactic skills)

- gear-up the motivated starter (path planner)


PersonaPersona is specialized in applyinig the art of the Argentine Tango to achive these goals and processes.



Years of thorough experience with the pedagogic posibilities with the Argentine Tango have shown interesting and positive progresive result in  pedagogic and andragogic level.




Team sessions

Improve productivity in team and professional interactions and processes achieving efficient and pleasant work environment; better client experience and motivated staffmembers and associates.


Project interaction and colaborations in professional and educational teams 

- Teambuildingsessions 


- Team empowering sessions 



Personal coaching:  

Coaching  sessions through Tango arts

projecting interaction and communication skills 

- Discovery of influences, inhibitions, motivations and strengt

- Interactional tools to emprove self awareness and communication habbits




Educational environment

Schools and educational environment


 Tool-up and gear-up for young students

(10-12 years)  Discovery

(13-16 years)  Explorers  

(17-19 years)  Experence


Dance classes aimed at and with the development

at the socio-psychological stage


Schools, NGO's and Social organizations